Johann Pfretzschner

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Johann Pfretzschner (* around 1495 in Triebel ; † around 1552 in Leipzig ) was a councilor mason and honorary citizen in Leipzig.


Pfretzschner learned the mason trade in the Saxon Vogtland and emigrated from Triebel near Oelsnitz to Leipzig in 1528 . Leipzig recognized his great talent and immediately tied him to the city through his honorary citizenship: "and after the birth certificates issued, the civil rights UMB SEYNER KUNST WILLEN have been given to yme, which you would rather keep yme dester alhir".

He married the daughter of the Leipzig bookseller Nickel Wolrabe and in 1529 bought house No. 714 on Ritterstrasse from his father-in-law. There he died around 1552. His son Parakeet Pfretzschner was able to take over his office as a councilor mason.


After his appointment as master mason of the city of Leipzig, Pfretzschner was responsible for the entire land-use planning and technical implementation of all building projects in the city. From 1521 to 1530 he was responsible for the new construction and expansion of Leipzig's fortifications from the brewery outlet to the Pleißenburg . Since 1537, his construction of the eight-sided storey of the tower of the Thomaskirche has shaped the image of this famous church .

But he also contributed to the expansion of the state fortresses of the Saxon dukes. In 1542, Pfretzschner and one of his journeymen were sent by Duke Moritz von Sachsen to Kassel and Ziegenhain (the main fortresses in Hesse) with the task of exploring the system and the structural engineering of the fortifications there. In the construction of the Leipzig city ​​fortifications, he worked alongside the foreman Paul Speck, who was summoned from Zwickau in 1543 .


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