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Calligra Suite

Screenshot of Stage
Screenshot of Stage
Basic data

developer KDE , as well as various smaller companies
Current  version 3.2
( April 29, 2020 )
operating system Unix-like ( Linux , Android ) (experimental)
programming language C ++ ( Qt )
category Graphics and office package
License LGPL , GPL ( Free Software )
German speaking Yes

The Calligra Suite is a free graphics and office package from KDE that uses the OpenDocument formats as far as possible . The components cover the application spectrum of common office suites such as LibreOffice , OpenOffice and Microsoft Office . The package also includes creative applications for painting, drawing and writing e-books . It emerged from KOffice in 2010 .

It consists of a frame-based word processor (Words), a spreadsheet (Sheets), a presentation program (Stage), a program for flow charts (Flow), a vector graphics program (Karbon), an integrated database ( Kexi ), a project management (Plan) , a pixel-based painting and image processing program ( Krita ) and embeddable objects such as graphs or diagrams and formulas .

Automation of recurring work steps is possible with the help of various scripting languages such as Python , Ruby and JavaScript or via D-Bus .


The Calligra Suite consists of the following programs:

symbol program Area of ​​responsibility
Logo words Words Word processing
Logo sheets Sheets Spreadsheet
Logo stage Stage presentations
Logo Krita Krita Digital painting
Logo carbon Carbon Vector graphics
Logo Kexi Kexi Database
Logo flow Flow Flowcharts
Logo plan plan Project management

Word processing

Calligra Words 2.4 screenshot
  • Words is used for word processing. In addition to running text, frames can also be used to precisely position individual components. In connection with Kexi, which is described further below, a database can be accessed - for example for the creation of form letters .
  • Author is another word processor with publishing functions . In the background, it uses the same techniques as Words , but uses a different interface and, with EPUB export etc., is aimed at authors of e-books . Author is positioned as an open source alternative to iBooks Author . This word processor was first published with Calligra Suite 2.6 and removed again with Release 3.0 due to the function overlay with Words.

Spreadsheets, charts and formulas

Screenshot of Calligra Sheets 2.4
  • Sheets (formerly KSpread and Calligra Tables ) is the spreadsheet of the package. In addition to creating tables, you can also use it to create complex mathematical formulas and statistics .
  • With KFormula you can write and print formulas , but not calculate them. It shows its full strength in interaction with the other application programs such as Words and Sheets. The formulas can be inserted there.
  • In Calligra, KChart is responsible for creating and editing diagrams, such as bar or pie charts , which can then be used in other Calligra applications.

Presentation and image editing

  • With Stage (formerly KPresenter ) presentations with images, effects when changing pages and animations could be created. With version 3.0 Stage was temporarily removed from the Calligra Suite.
  • Krita is software for digital painting with functions for image processing such as 16-bit color space depth and CMYK support.
  • Karbon (formerly Karbon14 ) is Calligra's vector graphics program .
  • Calligra Flow (formerly Kivio ) was a program for drawing flowcharts. It was originally developed by theKompany and later placed under the GNU General Public License . After this step it became a component of KOffice. Since Release 3.0 it is temporarily removed from Calligra.


  • Kexi is used to manage various databases. At the moment (November 2012) SQLite , MySQL and PostgreSQL as well as Microsoft Access , FileMaker and Oracle Forms are supported. With KOffice 1.4 came the first useful release and with KOffice 1.5, version 1.0 of Kexi appeared. With KOffice 2.2, Kexi was added to the KOffice 2 series.



As the first Calligra component, KPresenter was developed as an independent application in 1997 . In 1998 the word processor KWord followed . Other applications were added later, which were bundled as KOffice .

After a long-running dispute with KWord developer Thomas Zander, the rest of the development team announced on December 6, 2010 that KOffice from version 2.4 onwards would be split into Calligra Suite. Above all, this should reflect the value of the software as a technology platform. Renaming the entire package is also accompanied by a renaming of individual components. KSpread will be renamed Sheets , KPresenter to Stage , Kivio to Flow and KPlato to Plan . KWord was not split off, but instead a new word processor called Words was developed.

The KOffice 2.3 series was maintained by the Calligra team. Since the spin-off, the development for KOffice 2.4 has been carried out almost exclusively by Thomas Zander, who in turn has added KSpread, KPresenter and Karbon14 derivatives under new names to KOffice 2.4 in addition to the further development of KWord. All other KOffice 2.3 components have been removed without replacement.

On May 18, 2011, the Calligra team began posting monthly snapshots of Calligra Suite 2.4. Originally it was planned to release the finished 2.4 version in January 2012, but problems with the undo / redo function caused delays and the finished version finally appeared on April 11, 2012.

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  • Office lightweight. In: ct. 25/2012, p. 162 ( online ).

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