Microsoft Binder

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Microsoft Binder
Basic data

developer Microsoft
Current  version 2000
operating system Windows
category Office package
License proprietary
German speaking Yes

Binder is a program of the Office - Suites 95, 97 and 2000 of Microsoft . It enabled users to bundle multiple OLE2.0 objects (e.g. Word documents, Excel tables, PowerPoint presentations, and Project documents) into one file. The application was discontinued after Office 2000 due to a lack of widespread use.

The file extension of folders was .OBD. Templates for binders used the ending .OBT. The folder assistant had the ending .OBZ.

In newer Office versions up to 2003, folders can only be resolved, but no longer edited. The required binder add-in Unbind can be installed via the Office setup. Unbind is no longer part of Office 2007. However, an older version can be used.

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