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languages German
operator GmbH
(100% subsidiary of the Georg von Holtzbrinck publishing group )
user approx. 1.85 million (as of May 2019)
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On-line 2006 ( proper spelling : gutefrage ) is a German Internet forum without subject specialization .

The website is funded through advertising and the resale of user-generated questions and answers, and no costs are incurred by users themselves. The user-generated content is freely available to the platform operator and cannot be easily changed or deleted by the authors.

history went online in 2006 as the first Holtzbrinck eLAB to be founded. It is the most popular offer from the Gutefrage Group, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Georg von Holtzbrinck publishing group . Since its inception, the website has developed into one of the largest forums in Germany in terms of content growth and page impressions. According to the company, the company managed to the end of fiscal 2009, the break-even point and has since worked profitable.

Gutefrage has been offering a mobile version of the website since the end of 2012, and since December 2013 also mobile apps for the Android and Apple iOS operating systems .

On the occasion of's tenth birthday, GmbH renewed the logo on December 7, 2016. It shows two speech bubbles , of which the smaller left speech bubble should represent a question and the larger right speech bubble an answer. With the change, the addition “.net” in the logo was deleted.

Since June 2020 there has been a cooperation between and Amazon, through which the voice assistant Alexa can access over 90,000 selected answers from and display it to its users as the answer to their questions.


The Internet forum is used by questioners to get answers to their questions from other users.

The content of the page consists largely of user-generated content . User contributions are rewarded through an internal gamification system based on ratings from other users. Users who are particularly committed to a particular topic are identified as "experts" after an individual review by employees.

In addition to asking and answering questions, users can communicate via private messages. Askers have the option to mark the most helpful answer among the answers to their question, which is then highlighted.

Sister platforms operates other topic-oriented platforms:,,,,,, and These follow the same concept as, but focus the exchange of views on their respective topic.


With a few exceptions, there is no content moderation . The processing of the posts reported by users takes place mainly by volunteer moderators selected by employees, who can delete, hide or change the reported posts and block users.


Theme special

In the topic special, external associations or organizations answer questions on current topics.

Change of look

When changing views, questions can be asked directly to a selected member of the gutefrage community. Every Blickwechsel action has a thematic focus, to which the community member appears as personally affected. The direct exchange should provide insights into other ways of life and create understanding for other perspectives.

User meeting

Every year offline user meetings take place in different cities, which are organized by gutefrage and partly also by users. Previous meetings have taken a. in Berlin (2016), Munich (2017), Leipzig (2018) and Cologne (2019).

Dates and numbers

According to its own information, the platform had around 1.85 million active members, 21 million questions and 80 million answers in May 2019. The monthly net reach was around 17.41 million unique users in January 2019 , which put in 10th place in the reach ranking of the Online Research Working Group (AGOF).

In the Alexa Rank in July 2020 gutefrage was ranked 222nd of the most visited websites in Germany and 4917th of the most visited websites in the world. This shows a steady decline in the number of visitors, was in November 2018 in 63rd place, in November 2017 in 55th place and in December 2016 in 28th place.

In 2011, due to the Google Panda software update in the fight against inferior content from click farms on the Google search engine, calls to fell by up to 55%, depending on the source.

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