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The acoustic quality is an umbrella term that the effects of the acoustic properties of a room for sound , such performances music or language , to describe the place of the hearing.

From this definition it follows that

  1. As a rule, audibility is based on an overall assessment that is obtained from individual observations and individual assessments of partial aspects of audibility
  2. audibility does not describe the physical properties of a room, but rather the auditory psychological effects
  3. the audibility depends on the properties of the sound sources , e.g. B. speakers, instrumentalists, etc., and the properties of the sound generated, such as music of different stylistic epochs
  4. the audibility is locally different within a room, e.g. B. in the parquet different than on the rank
  5. the audibility is subject to individual fluctuations, depending on the hearing ability , judgment, previous experience, etc. of the assessor.

The audibility can also be impaired by poor acoustic properties of the room in connection with strong sources of noise inside or outside the building.

The audibility of a room is therefore a variable that fluctuates greatly for the reasons mentioned, but the goal of the architect or his room acoustics advisor must still be good average audibility. For room acoustics research , it is an urgent task to uncover the relationships between the individual assessment aspects of audibility or its evaluation and the physical properties of the room that cause them.

Good audibility for speech presentations means that good speech intelligibility is guaranteed at all places in the room without the use of electroacoustic systems . The assessment of audibility is obtained psychoacoustically and summarizes various aspects of hearing acoustics as a global assessment . It also depends on the properties of the sound sources and on the subjective criteria of the person making the assessment.

According to DIN 18041: 2016-03, audibility is the suitability of a room for certain sound presentations.

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