Hammer Selingau

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The Hammer Selingau was in the same district Selingau of Ebnath ; it was driven by the water of the Gregnitz , a left tributary to the Fichtelnaab .


The iron hammer had existed since the 15th century, more precisely since 1491. In that year the brothers Paul , Sebastian , Wolf and Jorg Hirschberg uf Schwarzenreuth zu Ebnath awarded this hammer to the hammer master Fritz Schreyer .

1585 a hammer property with a hammer mill, a grinding mill and a sawmill is mentioned here. In 1630 the hammer master Andreas Schreyer worked here, who estimated the value of the work at 2000 fl. This year a second hammer is also mentioned and estimated at 1,800 fl. Endres Schreyer is the owner of this “impracticable tin hammer” . In the tax assessment of 1714 it says 1 hammer, "but dermally very bad and most of the time impassable (375 fl)" and 1 hammer, "which, however, can hardly be driven due to a lack of ore (625 fl)". In 1792 a hammer is mentioned here.

The hammer remained in this Schreyer family until the end of the 18th century. The daughter Franziska of the last hammer master, Michael Schreyer , married the hammer master Mathias Eichhorn and the hammer came to this family. In 1877 the plant was shut down under the lessee Wilhelm Sand . The Gregnitz's hydropower has remained unused since then, but the factory buildings are still there, but the facility has been dismantled.


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Coordinates: 49 ° 57 '25.5 "  N , 11 ° 55' 52.3"  E