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Haponlahtikanal is a canal that runs through the isthmus of Oravi . The canal was built when the old open canal, which had been in operation since the middle of the 19th century, became too small for bundle rafting . The new Haponlahtikanal was completed in 1960 and later dredged deeper.

The canal is 1.8 km long. The maximum width of the ships is 12.6 m, the depth 4.2 m, the mast height 13.6 m.

The canal connects the Joutenvesi des Saimaa with the Haukivesi . This shortens the waterway from Savonlinna to Joensuu by 35 km.

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Coordinates: 62 ° 5 ′ 46 ″  N , 28 ° 39 ′ 33 ″  E