Harald Schreiber

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Harald Schreiber (born April 27, 1929 in Neurettendorf , Königinhof district , † July 16, 1996 in Tábor ) was a German CDU politician .

Schreiber was a teacher, journalist and editor by profession. He joined the CDU in 1949. In 1990 Schreiber was a member of the GDR's first freely elected People's Chamber . After the end of the GDR he was able to win the direct mandate in the constituency of Zeitz - Hohenmölsen - Naumburg - Nebra in the Bundestag election in the same year and was a member of the German Bundestag until his premature retirement on June 30, 1993 . In the Bundestag Schreiber was deputy chairman of the committee for economic cooperation . His successor in the Bundestag was Manfred Schell .

The resignation of Schreiber is probably due to his Stasi past. Schreiber resigned from his mandate before a corresponding review.

Individual evidence

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