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Harzer Fuchs
(old German herding dogs)
Harz fox
Not from the FCI recognized
Origin :


Withers height:

about 50-60 cm


about 24-28 kg

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The Harzer Fuchs is one of the old German herding dogs . The term Old German Shepherd Dogs is a generic term under which the various beats are summarized.

Origin and history

The Harzer Fuchs is a herding dog . He was always the herdsman's dog and had to meet their demands. Originally, the Harzer Fuchs was a cow dog that was used to work on the Harz red cattle , but it was also used early on to herd sheep. Harzer Füchse are very hard but joyful workers, nimble and agile, quick to grasp and alert. Because of these typical characteristics of a working dog, care should be taken to keep the dog busy.

Almost all old agricultural animal breeds and fields are threatened with extinction, as their actual uses and tasks have become rare or have ceased to exist. Old German foxes and with them the Harz fox are supported by the Society for the Preservation of Old and Endangered Pet Races. V. (GEH) classified as endangered and listed in their red list in category III.


As with all working dogs of the shepherds, the type "fox" is by no means as uniform as with a breed of dog bred by breed clubs. The Harzer Fuchs is around 50 to 60 cm tall with the eponymous reddish, from cream-colored, red to sooty-red mostly long-haired fur, with a lot of undercoat . The dog is therefore extremely weatherproof under all conditions. The ears have both tilted ears in all designs and erect ears.


As an original working dog, the Harzer Fuchs is only suitable as a family dog ​​to a limited extent. Nevertheless, it has found a certain distribution outside of its original area of ​​responsibility. This can also be attributed to its rare and otherwise rather unusual coat color. He is a very sporty dog ​​and needs permanent physical or mental activity.

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