Yellow cheek

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Yellow cheek (old German herding dogs)
Yellow cheek
Fully grown yellow cheek
Not from the FCI recognized
Origin :


Withers height:

55-60 cm


matching the size, not massive

Varieties :
  • South German type
  • East or central German type
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The yellow cheek denotes strokes and types of the old German herding dogs .

In Germany there are two areas of distribution of the yellow cheek: southern Germany and eastern Germany.

South German type

In the south this stroke is mixed. Herding dogs are kept here that are dark, black or brown in color and have light, yellow or brown markings in the head and chest area, so a general description is not possible.

East or central German type

In the new federal states, the yellow cheek, together with black and fox-colored East and Central German herding dogs, is the most widespread breed of old German herding dogs there. In these federal states, this breed is still often known as the old German shepherd dog . The reason can still be found in sheep farming in the former GDR , where larger areas were farmed. The yellow cheek is a very good working dog. The dogs have a shoulder height of 55-60 cm and have black long-stick hair with clear red, yellow or brown markings over the eyes, around the muzzle and on the legs. The drawings above the eyes also earned them the nickname "Four Eyes".

Puppy at 9 weeks of age

In the Czech Republic there is a close relative, the Chodský pes (Chod Dog).

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Individual evidence

  1. Description of the Central German / East German Yellow Cheeks by the AAH

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