Old German fox

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Old German fox (old German herding dogs)
Old German fox
Old German fox, variety or regional hit: Harzer Fuchs
Not from the FCI recognized
Origin :


Withers height:

around 55 cm


matching the size, not massive

Varieties :
  • Middle or East German fox
  • Harz fox
List of domestic dogs

As Altdeutscher fox or even Fox are old german herding dogs called who have a red or red-brown fur. One variety or regional hit is the Harzer Fuchs , another is the Central German Fox, which is also called the East German Fox. A South German style or color style is not classified.

The Central or East German Fox is one of three colors of the East or Central German herding dogs. With the Central German Shepherd Dogs, the foxes can also be paired with the other two colors, the black and yellow cheeks, and can appear together in one litter. The Middle German Fox is a well-proportioned, muscular dog with a square body but more delicate than South German Old Germans. The skull is not too wide with a well developed stop . The ears are of medium size, forming a triangle and usually standing; Tipped ears can occur. He is a persevering worker, because of his scissor bite he can grip ribs or clubs.

The coat color can vary from fawn to dark red; dark saddle or curvature is possible. The mask can be black or light; light badges are possible and allowed.

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Individual evidence

  1. ^ Description of the old German fox by the AAH

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