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Federal district Northwest Russia
Oblast Kaliningrad
Rajon Zelenogradsk
Earlier names Warschke (around 1785),
Warschken (until 1946)
population 12 residents
(as of Oct. 14, 2010)
Time zone UTC + 2
Telephone code (+7) 40150
Post Code 238532
License Plate 39, 91
OKATO 27 215 812 002
Geographical location
Coordinates 54 ° 51 '  N , 19 ° 58'  E Coordinates: 54 ° 51 '22 "  N , 19 ° 58' 21"  E
Vershkovo (European Russia)
Red pog.svg
Location in the western part of Russia
Vershkovo (Kaliningrad Oblast)
Red pog.svg
Location in Kaliningrad Oblast

Vershkovo ( Russian Вершково , German  Warschken ) is a place in the Russian Oblast Kaliningrad . It belongs to the local government unit Stadtkreis Selenogradsk in Zelenogradsky District .

Geographical location

Vershkovo is located 38 kilometers northwest of the city of Kaliningrad (Koenigsberg) and north of the municipal road 27K-367, which connects Russkoje (Germau) on the regional road 27A-013 (ex A192 ) with Pokrovskoje (Sorgenau) and Jantarny (Palmnicken) . The next train station was Prokowskoje on the Fischhausen – Groß Dirschkeim railway line (Russian: Primorsk - Donskoje ), which is no longer operated regularly.


The until 1946 Warschken place indicated in 1874 in the newly built office district Palvininkai (Russian Today: Jantarny) integrated, which existed until 1945 and for district Fischhausen , from 1939 to the district Samland in the administrative district of Konigsberg the Prussian province of East Prussia belonged. On 26 May 1899, the Good Palm pitch with bases was outworks Dorbnicken (Russian: Krasnopolje, no longer in existence), Holy Kreutz (Krasnotorowka) and just Warschken as a separate Gutsbezirk recognized. On September 30, 1928 Warschken came to the rural community of Sorgenau (Pokrowskoje) and was transferred to the rural community of Palmnicken only 3½ years later.

As a result of the war, Warschken and northern East Prussia came to the Soviet Union in 1945 . The place received the Russian name Vershkovo in 1947 and was assigned at the same time to the village soviet Jantarski selski Sowet in Primorsk Raion . Later the place came into the Powarowski selski Sowet . From 2005 to 2015 Vershkovo belonged to the rural municipality of Krasnotorovskoye selskoje posselenije and since then to the city district of Zelenogradsk.


Before 1945 the population of Warsaw was predominantly Protestant and until 1906 belonged to the parish of the parish church in Germau (today Russian: Russkoje), then to the parish church in Palmnicken (Jantarny) in the parish of Fischhausen (Primorsk) in the church province of East Prussia of the Church of the Old Prussian Union . Today Vershkovo is in the catchment area of ​​the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Resurrection in Kaliningrad (Königsberg) in the Kaliningrad provost of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of European Russia .

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