Vorwerk (manor)

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The term in the original sense: Bremervörde Castle with the fortified Vorwerk (B)
Vorwerk (Verwalterstöckl) of Frauenstein Castle , Carinthia, Austria

A Vorwerk is an agricultural estate or a separate branch of one. The term has changed its meaning several times over the course of history and can therefore be used in different ways.

Originally, the associated agricultural goods were mostly outside of fortifications or castles and immediately in front of them and were therefore often referred to as " Vorwerk " (earlier spelling often: "Vorwerck"). Later, the term was generally used until the 18th century for manors with farms or individual farms . On larger estates with extensive land areas, there were often smaller and distant branches in addition to the main business. Towards the end of the 18th century, these were also often referred to as “Vorwerk”; in the 19th century the term was only used in this sense. In place names and field names , the word can still be present in its old meaning.

A term for Vorwerk that is occasionally used in official documents is pertinentia (accessory).


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