Chodský pes

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Bohemian Shepherd Dog (Chodský pes)
Chodský pes
FCI Standard No. 364 (preliminary)
Origin :

Czech Republic

Alternative names:

Chodian dog, Chodian dog

Withers height:

Bitches: 49-52 cm.
Males : 52-55 cm

Tolerance: ± 2 cm

18-25 kg

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The Chodský pes (Chodian dog, Chodian dog) is a breed of dog from the Czech Republic . She is recognized by the Czech Cynological Association ČMKU, a first breed standard was established in 1984. The breed has been provisionally recognized by the FCI since 2019.

Origin and history

The forerunners of this Czech dog breed guarded the house and yard in the Chodsko region ( Chod region ), helped with grazing and were real all-purpose dogs. At the end of the 20th century, a few animals began to rebuild these breeds. Jan Findejs is considered to be the founder of the breed. In 1984 the breed standard and the dog breed Chodský pes were recognized in the Czech Republic, in 1985 the first litter fell.


The Chodský pes is a medium-sized dog, the height at the withers is 49 to 55 cm and 18 to 25 kg. Typical of the dogs is their long-haired coat with a thick undercoat , black with brown markings over the eyes, cheeks, underside of the neck, legs and paws ( black and tan ). Typical of the German Shepherd are the small, triangular, closely spaced ears that point forward.


The breed standard describes the Chodenhund as very spirited, easy to train, willing to learn and of pleasant nature.


The Chodský pes is a working dog . It is used as a protection dog , as a grazing dog , as a rescue and rescue dog and in the avalanche search service , also in dog sports . He is also kept as a family dog .

Individual evidence

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