Hasa bint Sudairi

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Hasa bint Sudairi , or more precisely Hasa bint Ahmad as-Sudairi , ( Arabic حصة بنت أحمد السديري, DMG Ḥuṣṣa bt. Aḥmad as-Sudairī ; * 1900 ; † 1969 ) was the preferred wife of King Abd al-Aziz ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia in a polygamy .

Hasa came from the influential Sudairi clan . Her mother and the mother of Abd al-Aziz ibn Saud were sisters. She was married at the age of 13. She gave birth to thirteen children, eight sons and five daughters, one of whom a son and a daughter died early. The seven other sons formed the most influential full sibling group among the sons of Abd al-Aziz ibn Sauds, the Sudairi Seven .

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