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Home remedies are simple home remedies and measures for self-medication , which are passed down privately, often family or in advice guides , among other things .

In a figurative sense, a home remedy is called any form of a non-professional solution or application, including in the non-medical area.

However, family doctors and health professionals in particular are familiar with some home remedies and include them in a treatment concept. Certain foods or teas are often used, as well as wraps and hot or cold applications such as baths . The Social Medicine provides for the application of home remedies as part of the autonomous, automatic participation of the patient.

Home remedies in the medical field are considered problematic if they aggravate a disease or delay timely medical treatment. Home remedies usually have few side effects, but depending on the home remedy, allergies, infections, disorders of the blood circulation or the regulation of body temperature can also be caused. Doctors recommend that you seek the advice of a doctor in any case if symptoms persist.


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