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Alemannia , Volume 1 (1873), title page

Alemannia was a German specialist journal for folklore , dialect research , literary and regional history , initially primarily for the Alemannic, at the latest since 1891 also for the Franconian-speaking area.

The magazine was published between 1873 and 1917 in 44 volumes, each with three issues. Up to the 26th volume (1898) it was published in Bonn , and since the 27th volume (1900) in Freiburg im Breisgau .


Alemannia , Volume 28 (1900, = New Series , Volume 1), title page
Alemannia , Volume 44 (1917, last edition), title page

The founder, publisher and initially the most important author of Alemannia was initially (from Volume 1 in 1873 to Volume 1 of Volume 19 in 1891) the theologian and Germanist Anton Birlinger (1834-1891), who since 1872 has been Associate Professor of German Philology the University of Bonn was. Subsequently (from the 2nd issue of the 19th volume to the 44th volume in 1917) the Germanist Fridrich Pfaff (1855–1917), librarian at the Freiburg University Library since 1888 , continued the editorial work until the last edition in 1917.


The publishers of the magazine were from the 1st to the 14th volume Verlag und Buchhandlung by Adolph Marcus in Bonn, from the 15th to the 26th volume Verlag und Buchhandlung by Peter Hanstein in Bonn and from the 27th to the 44th and last volume of the Published by Friedrich Ernst Fehsenfeld in Freiburg im Breisgau.

Title additions

From volume 28 (1900) to volume 36 (1908), the journal of the Society for the Promotion of History, Antiquity and Folklore of Freiburg, the Breisgau and the Adjacent Landscapes of the Freiburg History Association went into it.

The magazine has had various additions to the title in its history:

  • Volume 1 to Volume 5: Journal of the language, literature and folklore of Alsace and Upper Rhine
  • Volume 6 to Volume 18: Journal for Language, Literature and Folklore of Alsace, Upper Rhine and Swabia (from Volume 11 Elsaszes instead of Alsace )
  • Volume 19 to Volume 27: Journal for language, art and antiquity, especially in the Alemannic-Swabian region
  • Volume 28 (= New Series, Volume 1) to Volume 36 (= New Series, Volume 9): Journal for Alemannic and Franconian history, folklore, art and language / At the same time journal of the Society for History of Freiburg i. B.
  • Volume 37 to Volume 44: Journal of Alemannic and Franconian history, folklore, art and language

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