Hedwig Electress of Brandenburg

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Portrait of the Electress Hedwig of Brandenburg in half format view
Electress Hedwig of Brandenburg
unknown, possibly Hans Krell , around 1535 to 1540
51.3 x 37.9 cm
Grunewald Hunting Lodge , Berlin

The painting Hedwig Electress of Brandenburg is a portrait by an unknown artist, possibly Hans Krell , depicting the Electress Hedwig of Brandenburg . It is a panel painting on linden wood from around 1535 to 1540. It is in the painting collection of the Grunewald hunting lodge in Berlin and is owned by the House of Hohenzollern , in person "SKH" (His Royal Highness) Georg Friedrich Prince of Prussia .


On the 47.7 cm × 35 cm painting, Electress Hedwig von Brandenburg is shown in half-figure format from the left. She wears a bonnet and a bridal wreath adorned with pearls on her head . Around her neck she wears broad chains richly decorated with precious stones, which combine with the ornamentation of the fabrics to create a decorative flatness. The characters shown on the sleeves in beadwork S could her father I. Sigismund point.

The picture was probably made shortly after her wedding in 1535 to the Brandenburg Elector Joachim II , as she wears her hair under the hood. The attribution of the painting to the Leipzig painter Hans Krell is controversial for stylistic reasons, as the sharp-cut facial features and the insolent rendition of the clothes are untypical for him.


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