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Henry Boardman Conover (born January 19, 1892 in Chicago , † May 5, 1950 ibid) was an American engineer, military man and hobby ornithologist.


Conover was born in 1892 as the son of a wholesaler. He first attended "The Hill School", a boarding school that prepares students for university studies and then studied engineering at the Sheffield Scientific School at Yale University . At the same time, however, he pursued his interest in natural sciences and collected under bird skins. After serving in the engineering corps of the US Army and working for an industrial company, he founded his own company for metal casting. He quickly became a sponsor of the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History and also supported this museum with his own research in ornithology. He was appointed to the museum's board of directors in 1940.

In the previous decades, Conover had taken part in several expeditions of the museum, including an expedition to Venezuela with Wilfred Hudson Osgood in 1920 , another expedition to South America in 1922, and in 1926 he undertook his own expedition to East Africa and also accompanied an expedition by the US government in the Bering Sea. He was also a contributor to Carl Edward Hellmayr 's The Catalog of Birds of the Americas .

Conover bequeathed his extensive collection of bird hides to the Field Museum. The unmarried Conover died in Chicago in 1950.

Dedication names

Rodolphe Meyer de Schauensee and James Bond honored him in 1943 in the name of the Tolima dove ( Leptotila conoveri ). Dwain Willard Warner and Byron Eugene Harrell named Dactylortyx thoracicus conoveri , a subspecies of the song quail , after him.


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