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Heqdesh , also Heḳdesh or Heḳdesch , ( Hebrew הֶקְדֵּש, Plural: הֶקדֵּשוֹת, heqdešōt / Heqdeschoth / Heḳdeschoth; "das Geweihte", charitable foundation ), Germanized Heckhaus , is the outdated term for a Jewish hospital and poor hospital .

In Germany and Austria , the Heqdeschoth, often also called Jewish hospitals, emerged in the late Middle Ages and in the early modern period as alternatives to the Christian hospices , in which Jews were not admitted or prevented from observing their ritual regulations.

Heqdeschoth are occupied for Berlin , Frankfurt am Main , Fürth , Cologne , Jebenhausen , Nuremberg , Regensburg , Trier , Ulm , Vienna , Worms , among others .


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