Herakleia Minoa

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An excavated house

Herakleia Minoa was an ancient city ​​on the south coast of Sicily ; it was at the mouth of the river Halykos near today's Montallegro , about 35 kilometers northwest of Agrigento . It was initially an outpost of Selinus ( Herodotus 5, 46), was conquered by Carthage and was later a border town for Agrigento. It went through contract 405 BC. To Carthage and was regained by Dionysius I of Syracuse , but went in 383 BC. Back to Carthage. Since then, coins bearing their Semitic name, Ras Melkart , became common. At that time, Heraclea Minoa was an important frontier fortress. Dion landed here in 357 BC. When he attacked Syracuse. The Agrigento took the city in 309 BC. BC, but soon lost them again to Agathocles . At times it was also owned by Pyrrhus .

There is a small antiquarium at the entrance . Finds from the excavations are shown here.


Near Herakleia Minoa is the GSSP (Global Standard Stratotype section and point = "type locality") of the Zancleum , the lowest geological level of the Pliocene ( Neogene ).

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Coordinates: 37 ° 23 ′ 39 ″  N , 13 ° 16 ′ 51 ″  E