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system series step ≈ age ( mya )
after that after that after that younger
Neogene Pliocene Piacenzium 2.588

Zancleum 3.6

Miocene Messinium 5.333

Tortonium 7,246

Serravallium 11.62

Langhium 13.82

Burdigalium 15.97

Aquitanium 20.44

before before before older

The Zancleum is the lower chronostratigraphic stage of the Pliocene ( Neogene ) in the history of the earth . It is therefore also known as Lower Pliocene (or Lower Pliocene called). It began ( geochronologically ) around 5,333 and ended around 3.6 million years ago and thus lasted around 1.7 million years. It precedes the Messinium , the highest stage of the Miocene , and is replaced by the Piacenzium .

Naming and history

The Zancleum stage is named after the pre-Roman name of Messina ( Sicily ), Zankle. The name and stage was proposed by Giuseppe Seguenza in 1868.

Definition and GSSP

The top of the magnetic polarity chronozone C3r (around 100,000 years before the Thvera normal-polar subchronozone C3n.4n) was defined as the basis of the level. In addition, the border is close to the extinction horizon of the calcareous nannoplankton species Triquetrorhabdulus rugosus (= base of the CN10b zone) and the first appearance of the calcareous nannoplankton species Ceratolithus acutus . The upper limit was set with the basis of the magnetic polarity chronozone C2An (Gaussian chronozone) and the extinction of the planktonic foraminifera species Globorotalia margaritae and Pulleniatina primalis . The "Global Stratotype Section and Point" ( GSSP corresponds roughly to a type profile) is located near the ancient city of Herakleia Minoa ( Sicily , Italy ).


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