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system series step ≈ age ( mya )
after that after that after that younger
Neogene Pliocene Piacenzium 2.588

Zancleum 3.6

Miocene Messinium 5.333

Tortonium 7,246

Serravallium 11.62

Langhium 13.82

Burdigalium 15.97

Aquitanium 20.44

before before before older

The Tortonium (often shortened to Torton) is the fifth chronostratigraphic stage of the Miocene ( Neogene ) in the history of the earth . It began geochronologically about 11.62 million years ago and ended about 7.246 million years ago and thus lasted about 4.3 million years. The step follows the Serravallium and is replaced by the Messinium .

Naming and history

The stage is named after the city of Tortona in the province of Alessandria , Piedmont region ( Italy ). The step and the name were introduced by the Swiss geologist Karl Mayer-Eymar in 1858.

Definition and GSSP

The lower limit of the level is defined by the last common occurrence of the calcareous Nannofossil species Discoaster kugleri and the planktonic foraminifera species Globigerinoides subquadratus . The limit is associated with the short normal polar magnetic polarity subchrone C5r.2n. The upper limit is defined by the lowest occurrence of the planktonic foraminifera species Globorotalia conomiozea . The limit lies roughly in the middle of the magnetic polarity chronozone C3Br.1r. The official type profile of the International Commission for Stratigraphy (GSSP = “Global Stratotype Section and Point”) is the Monte dei Corvi beach profile near Ancona ( Italy ).


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