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system series step ≈ age ( mya )
after that after that after that younger
Neogene Pliocene Piacenzium 2.588

Zancleum 3.6

Miocene Messinium 5.333

Tortonium 7,246

Serravallium 11.62

Langhium 13.82

Burdigalium 15.97

Aquitanium 20.44

before before before older

The Aquitanium (in German usage mostly shortened to Aquitan or referred to as Aquitan level) is the lowest chronostratigraphic level of the Miocene ( Neogene ) in the history of the earth . In absolute numbers ( geochronologically ) the stage covers the period from about 23.03 to about 20.44 million years. The stage comes after the Chattium and is followed by the Burdigalium .

Naming and history

The name of the stage is derived from the Latin name of Aquitaine ( France ). The level and name were introduced into scientific literature in 1853 by the Swiss geologist and paleontologist Karl Mayer-Eymar .

Definition and GSSP

The lower limit of the level is characterized by several events: the base of the magnetic polarity chronozone C6Cn.2n, the first appearance of the foraminifera species Paragloborotalia kugleri and the extinction of the calcareous nannoplankton species Reticulofenestra bisecta (base of the nannoplankton zone NN1). The end is defined by the first appearance of the foraminifera species Globigerinoides altiaperturus or the upper limit of the magnetic polarity chronozone C6An. The reference profile established by the International Commission for Stratigraphy (GSSP = Global Stratotype Section and Point) is the Lemme-Carrosio profile near Carrosio , north of Genoa in Italy .


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