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Family names are divided into different groups according to their original meaning. Origin names are one of these groups. When assigning a name of origin, the person was named after the region from which he came or after the origin from a certain place. For example, the name Böhm mostly indicates an origin from the Bohemia region , as does the name form Böhme .

Other types of family names are: professional name , nickname , home name and patronymic .

German names of origin

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Polish names of origin

In Poland, names of origin are derived from the property of the noble families ( Szlachta ). They were originally formed with the Slavic preposition z ("from") and a place name. For example, if a landlord had the first name Heinrich and lived on an estate called Jurczyce , he was called Heinrich z Jurczyc , i.e. Heinrich von Jurczyc.

From the 15th century it became customary to add the ending ki after the name instead of the z in front of the name , i.e. H. z Jurczyc became Jurczycki . The -cki or -ski at the end was only used for the masculine form; the wife's name ends in -cka or -ska .

In the border area with Silesia there was a mixture of cultures. The names were translated into German or provided with Czech endings (mostly y instead of i), e.g. B. Jursitzky or Jursitzka .