Hernán Carazo

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Hernán Carazo biathlon
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last change: June 20, 2010

Hernán Carazo is a former Costa Rican biathlete .

Hernán Carazo is the only Costa Rican biathlete to have participated in major international events. He started in both individual races at the 1984 Winter Olympics . In the individual he was 61st and thus the last of all athletes to finish. He missed eleven of the twenty shots and got eleven penalty minutes added to the running time. He was the worst shooter after Hwang Byung-dae from South Korea with 15 and Martin Hagen from the USA and Liu Hongwang from China with 12 errors each. In addition, with 2 hours and 13: 54.9 minutes, by far the worst running time of all participants, the second worst time was achieved with one hour and 37: 07.0 minutes by Taiwanese Ueng Ming-Yih , bronze medalist Eirik Kvalfoss as the best runner had a time of one hour and 9: 02.4 minutes. In the overall standings, Carazo needed two hours and 24: 54.9 minutes for the route, more than twice as long as Olympic champion Peter Angerer , who needed one hour and 11: 52.7 minutes. The Costa Rican did not finish the sprint race.

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