Duke of Mecklenburg

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Family arms of the dukes of Mecklenburg, around 1350
Text: the hertoge van mekelenborch

From 1348 until the end of the monarchy, Duke of Mecklenburg was the title of nobility of the ruling Princely House of Mecklenburg . The dynastic count of all Mecklenburg regents is based on him at the same time.

As Duke of Mecklenburg also all the princes of the country or temporarily existing parts of the country subtitled without distinction all the male members of the royal family until 1815 (most recently Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Strelitz , formerly Mecklenburg-Güstrow ) as well as all male descendants of sex (Prince ).

Female members of the princely family, wives by marriage of the dukes as well as all female descendants of the sex (princesses) were titled as Duchess of Mecklenburg .

The respective Mecklenburg regents only used different titles to distinguish them from other members of the dynasty since the rise of status by the Congress of Vienna in 1815. The regents of both parts of the country have since been titled as Grand Duke of Mecklenburg , the respective heirs to the throne as Hereditary Grand Duke of Mecklenburg, the corresponding wives in the female Title form as Grand Duchess or Hereditary Grand Duchess.

Colloquially, the Mecklenburg prince titles were often added to the designation of the respective part of the country or princely house (...- Schwerin, ...- Güstrow, ...- Strelitz) for better differentiation. These explanatory titles were never part of the official title.

After the fall of the monarchy, the titles of Grand Duke and Hereditary Grand Duke were lost without replacement. The former prince title of the sex was changed as Duke of Mecklenburg to the civil surname of the descendants.


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