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The Hessian archive documentation and information system (abbreviated: HADIS ) was the digital information offered by the Hessian state archives in Darmstadt , Marburg and Wiesbaden .


HADIS offered everyone a free-of-charge option for online research into archive units and archive holdings. The information system addressed a wide range of people interested in the history of Hesse.


The database contained ( as of 2013 ) data records on over 5 million archive items, over 6,000 archive holdings and brief descriptions of over 270 Hessian archives. Using the source search built into the State Historical Information System of Hesse (LAGIS), around 4,500 Hessian civil status registers could be digitally displayed in HADIS.


At the end of 2014, HADIS was replaced by the new Hessen archive information system , or Arcinsys Hessen for short . As a successor to Hadis, it contains information from the Hessian state archives and other Hessian archives. It was developed in close cooperation with the state of Lower Saxony. As a common system for users and employees, it should cover the range of offers and tasks in the Hessian archives. Unannounced one file title, certificates can regesta well as information about archival find. Visualized digital copies can be viewed online. Contact data and holdings of the archives can be researched. If you register as a user, the archive material you are looking for can also be added to your personal watch list, applications for use can be made directly to the archives and archive materials can be ordered for use. These are then listed separately.

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  1. Arcinsys - the new archive information system
  2. on www.hadis.hessen.de is informed: The Hessian Archive Documentation and Information System (HADIS) was replaced by the successor system arcinsys.hessen.de at the end of 2014. Please change saved references to HADIS accordingly. (accessed: February 9, 2015)