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The Hessen archive information system (also called Arcinsys or Arcinsys Hessen archive information system ) replaced the previously used Hessian archive documentation and information system - HADIS - as the archive information system and digital database of the Hessian State Archives and many other Hessian archives .


Arcinsys was developed in cooperation with the state of Lower Saxony as a common system for users and employees in order to cover the digital range of services and tasks of the archive. The state of Schleswig-Holstein has also been involved in the cooperation since the end of 2016 .


As the successor to HADIS, Arcinsys offers everyone a free option for online research into archival units and archive holdings from the State of Hesse and many other archives connected to the system. The information system is aimed at a wide range of people interested in the history of Hesse .

This is a web application that can be used regardless of the archive location. Compared to Hadis, it has a significantly expanded range of functions . Public and private archives in Hessen can use the user interface to present their facilities and provide information about their holdings. At the same time, Arcinsys is a research platform on which the freely accessible indexing information of the state archive and other participating archives can be searched using different strategies. The archive material can be ordered directly for inspection in the archive or, if digitally available, viewed online after the user has registered once.


Arcinsys currently contains data sets for around 6 million archive items and 6,000 archive holdings. New indexes from the archives involved are being successively digitized and should be researchable online on the Internet in seconds, provided that no legal provisions preclude publication.

The following archives (as of February 2015) have published inventory descriptions and item descriptions of their archive materials in Arcinsys:

In addition, Arcinsys contains brief descriptions of around 270 other archives in Hesse with the corresponding address details and communication data. Arcinsys is open to other Hessian archives to publish their indexing data.


Two forms of use are possible:

  • as an unregistered user, you have access to contact details and detailed inventory information of the archives involved. Visualized digital copies can be viewed online.
  • As a registered user, the archive material you are looking for can also be added to a personal watch list , applications for use can be made directly with the archives and archive materials can be ordered for use. These are then listed separately.

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