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As Regest ( Latin res gestae , "the things DONE") refers to the science of history , the summary of the Legal relevant content of documents from the Middle Ages and the early modern period . The plural regesta is also understood to be a special form of publication that provides evidence of documents from an exhibitor, a provenance or a subject - sorted by date - and supplemented with content summaries, evidence of the tradition and references to critical sources.

In scope, a distinction between the Kopfregest or Kurzregest includes their legal content, the issuer, recipient, date and place of a certificate as well as a brief summary, and the Vollregest with a more detailed description of the content, making note of all mentioned names, some including witnesses. Notes on the type of certification and a summary of the narration can also be included in a full regimen. Short registers usually appear in document editions before the actual text of the certificate, while regesta in the sense of the form of publication usually contain full registers.

The term “Regesten” was first used for a form of publication by Peter Georgisch in his Regesta chronologico-diplomatica in quibus recensentur omnis generis monumenta et documenta publica (Frankfurt 1740–1744).

Since Johann Friedrich Böhmer published his preparatory work for the edition of the German imperial documents as part of the Monumenta Germaniae Historica in 1831 as Regesta Imperii , a veritable "regesta technique" has developed, which now also includes historical news from narrative sources in the chronological list of document registers.

Important regesta works


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