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Philipp Jaffé

Philipp Jaffé (born February 17, 1819 in Schwersenz , Province of Posen , † April 3, 1870 in Wittenberge ) was a German historian and philologist . He is one of the outstanding German medievalists of the 19th century. Nevertheless, because of his Judaism , he had to endure numerous forms of discrimination.


After graduating from the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Gymnasium (Posen) , Jaffé went to Berlin in 1838 . After two years of work in a bank, he decided to study at the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität , which he completed in 1844 with a doctorate. Seven years later his comprehensive work Regesta Pontificum Romanorum appeared ab condita Ecclesia ad annum p. AD 1198 , which contained over 11,000 papal documents. This work made him known among historians . However, he could not find a job as a historian and had to earn his living in other ways. He began studying again, this time in medicine, in Berlin and later at the University of Vienna . He graduated in Berlin in 1853 and practiced as a doctor there for a year until he found a position as co-editor of the Monumenta Germaniae Historica . In 1863 he resigned from this post after having worked on numerous volumes of the "Scriptores" (narrative sources). On May 9, 1862, Jaffé became the first Jew in Prussia to be ao professor at the University of Berlin, where he taught Latin palaeography as well as Roman and medieval chronology ; a lecture transcript made by the later historian and diplomat Harry Bresslau has survived. In 1868 he converted to Christianity. In 1869 he completed the Tabulae Ordinis Theutonici by Ernst Strehlke .

In the last year of his life, he suffered from paranoid delusions. In 1870 he committed suicide in Wittenberge.


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