Concilium Medii Aevi

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Concilium Medii Aevi
Cover cma.jpg
description Trade journal
Area of ​​Expertise History , regional history
language German
publishing company Edition Ruprecht, Göttingen
First edition 1998
Frequency of publication Internet magazine and yearbook
Editor Nathalie Kruppa
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Concilium Medii Aevi (abbreviation: CMA ) is the first German-language online journal for medieval and early modern research , which is also published once a year in Göttingen as a yearbook or is available on CD-ROM.

The Open Access -Periodikum has since its inception in 1998 into an internationally recognized interdisciplinary forum for Medieval Studies and Research on Early Modern developed. The contributions and reviews come from historical studies , art history , archeology , German studies and other subjects.

The editor and managing director of the magazine is Nathalie Kruppa , who works at the " Germania Sacra " office at the Göttingen Academy of Sciences .

The editors include the historians Peter Aufgebauer , Helmut Flachenecker , Christian Freilang and Marcus Frings .

The scientific advisory board is formed by Antje Middeldorf Kosegarten , Wolfgang Petke and Ernst Schubert (†).

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