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The title page of the first edition from 1852

The Blätter für deutsche Landesgeschichte ( BDLG or BlldtLG for short ) is a specialist journal for German national and regional history that has been published since 1852 . The publisher is the entire association of German history and antiquity associations .


The magazine was founded in 1852 and initially operated under the title Korrespondenzblatt des Gesamtverein der Deutschen Geschichts- und Alterthumsvereine and until 1934 appeared in 82 volumes in the Berliner Mittlerverlag. 1936 the title on sheets for German national history. New series of the correspondence sheet changed, since 1937 the magazine has been published under this title once a year. The paper was not published between 1944 and 1950, so that the 88th year was not published until 1951.

The entire association of German history and antiquity associations was founded in 1852 at two conferences with the aim of creating an umbrella association to bring together the work of the various historical associations , historical commissions and regional historical institutes in Germany and to inspire regional and regional historical research. The main actors at this time were Hans von und zu Aufseß , the founder of the Germanic National Museum , and Prince Johann of Saxony .

The journal offers a scientific overview in the form of collective reports and reviews as well as literature reports on certain and also publishes articles on regional history topics. In 1964 Georg Wilhelm Sante wrote in an essay on the 100th volume:

“The modern history of the country has developed largely apart from the general association and its associations, and the 'Korrespondenzblatt', according to its task, has not contributed to this. It seemed to us high time that the 'Blätter' caught up with this gap, and we believed that it owed the 100-year-old collective association to receive a scientific journal that, like the collective association itself, would be a focus of national historical research. "

- Manfred Treml : The entire association of German history and antiquity associations and the German national history.
Publisher (incomplete)
Surname Period Location
Georg Wilhelm Sante 1956-1952 Hessian main state archive in Wiesbaden
Otto Renkhoff 1956-1970
Hans Patze 1971-1985 Institute for Historical Research at the University of Göttingen
Wilhelm Janssen 1986-1992 Main state archive in Düsseldorf
Heinz-Günther Borck 1993-2010 State archive in Koblenz
Klaus Neitmann since 2010 Brandenburg State Main Archive in Potsdam

Almost all of the journal can now be accessed on the Internet via the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek ( Munich digitization center ). The years 1852 to 148 (2012) are now completely accessible online (as of November 2018) .


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