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The Göttingen Papal Deeds (also Regesta Pontificum Romanorum or Papal Deeds of the Pius Foundation ) strives for a comprehensive documentation of papal letters, documents and other contacts by 1198.


Paul Fridolin Kehr (1860–1944) suggested to the Royal Society of Science in Göttingen in 1896 that the papal documents should be completely edited based on the model of the Diplomata series of the Monumenta Germaniae Historica . In addition, a facsimile work and a revision of the regesta work by Philipp Jaffé should be created. From this collection and edition of the older papal documents up to Innocent III. (1198) finally became the Regesta Pontificum Romanorum , a "documented source study" for all churches and lay people who were in contact with the papacy until the end of the 12th century.

Working method

The standing in the center of the project Regesten offer a quick and concise overview of the contacts of the individual institutions of the West with the popes. In contrast to the purely chronologically structured volume of registers by Philipp Jaffé, the papal charter is characterized by the subdivision of the volumes according to regions, dioceses and institutions. A chronological sorting takes place within the respective institutions.

The materials collected for the work (photographs, microfilms, pauses, traces of drawings, handwriting samples, handwritten copies, including the materials from Harald Zimmermann for the years 896-1046) are in the office in Göttingen (previously Bonn), others in Rome, Paris , Munich (previously Berkeley), Düsseldorf and Erlangen.


The series is divided into the following regions:

  • I. Italia Pontificia
  • II. Germania Pontificia
  • III. Gallia Pontificia
  • IV. Iberia Pontificia
  • V. Anglia Pontificia
  • VI. Scandinavia Pontificia
  • VII. Polonia Pontificia
  • VIII. Bohemia-Moravia Pontificia
  • IX. Hungaria Pontificia
  • X. Dalmatia-Croatia Pontificia
  • XI. Africa Pontificia
  • XII. Oriens Pontificius

Some of these series are not yet completed. In addition to the original focus on Italy, Germany and France, more recently volumes on England, Spain and eastern Central Europe have been published. In addition, previously unedited items are published in the series Papal Documents in ... , broken down by recipient region .

A comprehensive list of the continuously published research and regesta volumes can be found on the project website.


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