Historical-Biographical Lexicon of Switzerland

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The Historisch-Biographisches Lexikon der Schweiz (HBLS) or Dictionnaire historique et biographique de la Suisse ( uniform title ) was the standard reference work on the history of Switzerland for many decades .

The publisher Victor Attinger (1856–1927) from Neuchâtel initiated the project. The articles were written by historians in all 25 cantons of Switzerland. Most of the items are high quality; The biographical articles in particular are - as they are not arranged according to genealogical criteria in the new Historical Lexicon of Switzerland (see below) - still indispensable. The editor was Marcel Godet.

The HBLS was published by the Allgemeine Geschichtforschende Gesellschaft der Schweiz , the forerunner of the Swiss Society for History , and appeared from 1921 to 1934 in seven volumes and a supplement. The work was published simultaneously in German and French.

The successor work of the HBLS is the 13-volume Historical Lexicon of Switzerland , which has been published since 2002 .


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