Home cockpit

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A home cockpit

As HomeCockpit refers to a for use with flight simulators built for entertainment purposes aircraft cockpit .

Homecockpits are currently also commercially available, but are mostly built by hobbyists at home with manual means. Commercially manufactured components (such as switch cover plates and display instruments) and professional software, which is available from various suppliers, are also integrated.

A home cockpit tries to replace the typical input devices such as keyboard or mouse as much as possible and to replace them with switches and buttons based on the original . As in the professional field, home cockpits can be type-neutral or certain aircraft types can be reproduced as precisely as possible.

The connection to the simulation software takes place via additional software and hardware, so that communication with the flight simulator from outside is possible. The best-known hardware interfaces here are the interface cards from EPIC (USA), IO cards (Spain) and the FS-BUS project (Germany), which enable the connection of switches, LEDs, displays, servo motors, etc. . enable.