House of Mystery

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The House of Mystery ( dt. The house of the mysteries ) is the title of a comic book series by the American publisher DC Comics published 1951-1983.


House of Mystery usually included haunted , horror , scary and mystery stories . The series was designed as an anthology , i. In other words, in each issue it united several stories, the characters and locations of which were mostly not connected in any way whatsoever. It was not until the US issue # 175 of May and June 1968 that the various stories - each of which could still be read individually as closed units - were linked by a common framework in which a cranky man named Cain (the English Name of the biblical Cain , who jokingly referred to himself as "able care taker") to a certain extent picked up the reader at the end of a story and introduced him to the plot of the next story. Characteristic was Cain's showmanlike demeanor and his superficial eeriness and gloom.


By the time it was discontinued in October 1983, House of Mystery had reached 321 editions. The series was continued from 1986 to 1987 with the US series Elvira's House of Mystery (11 issues and a special issue). In addition, House of Secrets was a "twin series" for House of Mystery, which was dedicated to similar content and was also "moderated" by Cain's brother Abel.

Feature series in House of Mystery

The average House of Mystery had three or four stories in it. The different series that appeared within a single issue were mostly detached from one another, while the stories that appeared within a series were related to one another in an "internal series continuity".

Among the series that appeared within House of Mystery, among other Martian Manhunter (# 143-158 / 1964-1966), the experiences of a stranded on Earth and there as a private detective earning constricting Martians called J'onn J ' ozz has to content, fresh superhero - parody Dial H for hero (# 156-173 / 1966-1968) and I ... vampire (# 290-319 / 1981-1983), a series of stories about a heroic vampire .

Contributing artist

Authors who wrote for House of Mystery include Robert Kanigher , Dennis O'Neil , Frank Robbins , John Albano and Steve Skeates . Draftsmen who worked on the series were Jim Aparo , Neal Adams and Sergio Aragonés .


The awards the series received include the Shazam Award for Best Short Story 1972 (for The Demon Within from # 201) and the Shazam Award for Best Humor Story in the same year (for The Poster Plague by Steve Skeates and Sergio Arragones).