House of Secrets

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House of Secrets ( dt. House of Secrets ) the name of several comic book series, the 1956 to 1998 when is American US publisher DC Comics published.


All of the series published under the title House of Secrets told stories that can be assigned to the areas of horror and horror stories , horror and mystery . Each issue contained several separate stories, which were acted out by different protagonists who went through different adventures in different scenarios, and mostly also designed by different creative teams. The popularity of the House of Secrets series finally gave her an offshoot with the House of Mystery series, which was committed to the same concept . Both series are closely interwoven in all their incarnations.


First series (1956 to 1966 and 1969 to 1978)

The first House of Secrets series, which had eighty issues, was launched in December 1956 and initially appeared until October 1966. The series about the magician Mark Merlin, the macabre, was one of the most popular and long-lasting features of the series The escapades of the schizophrenic astronomer Eclipso ( Hero and Villain in One Man ! , from issue # 61, August 1963) and the changeable experiences of Prince Ra-Man the Mind Master (from issue # 73, October 1965). Other features were Peter Puptent, Explorer , Dolly and the Professor , Doctor Rocket and Moolah the Mystic .

After House of Secrets was temporarily closed due to dwindling sales figures, the series was initially put on an "editorial break from revising". This lasted three years until the series was resumed in September 1969, continuing the old numbering with issue # 81. This time the series ran for nine years until it was canceled again with issue # 154 from November 1978.

One of the innovations that the series experienced after its resumption was in particular the “host” of the series, a man named Abel, who, breaking through the fourth wall, addressed the readers directly and in each issue anew the individual, independent stories held together by a metadiegetic framework. The House of Mystery , so far only a title that had been chosen because of its euphoria evoking euphoria, has now been expanded into a representational concept within the fiction of the series by using a materially existing house within the imagination of the series, the Abel as House of Secrets , made it Abel's home and the setting for the framework story.

The character of Abel proved so popular that he was also the narrator of the series Plop! (a satirical series ) was used. The sister series of House of Secrets, House of Mystery , was appropriately assigned Abel's brother Cain (Cain) as narrator. The most popular artists who worked on the series during these years included the illustrators Neal Adams , Bernie Wrightson and Mike Kaluta, as well as the author Len Wein . Undoubtedly the best known and most popular series told in those years within the series was Swamp Thing , which spun the creepy tale of the eponymous thing out of the swamps from month to month starting with issue # 92 (July 1971).

Second series (1996 to 1998)

In October 1996, DC's own Imprint Vertigo , which specializes in comics for adult readers, who are accordingly taking a somewhat tougher pace, started a new series under the title House of Secrets . This series ran until 1998 and had 25 issues. The “material” house existing within the series, the building here is a mobile house that can move from place to place and is haunted by ghost beings known as “Juris”. In addition, two specials were released under the title House of Secrets: Facade .


In 2000, all of the Swamp Thing stories from House of Secrets were reissued under the Millennium Edition label .