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Eclipso is the title of a series of comic books published by the US publisher DC-Comics since 1963.

The Eclipso comics, which are set in the horror genre, go back to the author Bob Haney and his illustrator Lee Elias , who developed the main character and the plot premise of the series in the early 1960s.

Release dates

The main character of the Eclipso stories, a villainous troll of the same name, was first featured in the August 1963 comic book House of Secrets # 61.

As a result, the Eclipso character appeared for several years as the main character of a feature named after him in House of Secrets, a series in which several horror and horror stories were presented in each issue. The artists who worked on the figure during this time included Haney and Elias, among others, the draftsman Alex Toth .

After setting the House of Secrets of Eclipso character appeared for a time as often as a villain in series such as The Phantom Stranger , The Metal Men or Justice League , while Bruce Gordon temporarily as a minor character in the science fiction series Green Lantern was integrated .

In the 1990s, DC reinvigorated the character, initially dedicating a two-part miniseries to him - Eclipso: The Darkness Within - which launched in 1992 and became the starting point for an ongoing series that appeared from 1992 to 1994. This series was written by Robert Loren Fleming .


At the beginning of the plot of Eclipso stands the young American scientist Bruce Gordon, who decides to travel to the Pacific island of Diabolo in order to observe a rare natural spectacle, a solar eclipse . Shortly after his arrival on Diabolo, Gordon is suddenly involved in an argument with a native faith healer: a fight ensues in which the shaman is killed, while Gordon only makes a slight carving on his face, which the healer has made for him with the help of a black diamond , carries away.

During the soon-to-follow solar eclipse, Gordon transforms himself into a powerful creature named Eclipso who embodies the bad side of his personality. As Eclipso - the otherwise benign - Gordon causes all sorts of mischief: The division into two contrasting personalities takes place in the same way as the division of Doctor Jekyll into his good self and into the bad Mr. Hyde in Robert Louis Stevenson's eponymous horror novel.

In order to transform Eclipso back into Gordon, it has to be irradiated with bright light - such as a flashlight - which, in terms of the reverse effect, corresponds to the opposite of an eclipse of the sun. The task of transforming them back is then mostly done by Gordon's friend Simon Bennett and his daughter Mona.

In the Eclipso series of the 1990s, one finally learns that the gruesome Eclipso is actually an evil god, the god of vengeance, who lives on the dark side of the moon, who burns with his own personality to people who feel a thirst for vengeance undermine and transform them into images of oneself.

In other media

Eclipso made a cameo in the Justice League double episode "Eclipsed" (not published in German). This version consists of the life force of the last ophidians, a race of contortionists who fought and lost to humanity thousands of years ago. In order to seek revenge, the last of the contortionists put their minds in a black diamond to possess anyone who touches the diamond. When they manage to take control of almost the entire Justice League, they try to destroy the sun; However, Flash can avert the disaster at the last second. One of the characters controlled by the diamond wears the original costume of Eclipso in this episode for a while.

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