Bob Haney

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Robert "Bob" Haney (born 1926 in Philadelphia ; † November 25, 2004 ) was an American comic book author .

Life and work

Haney began working as a full-time comic book writer in the 1960s. In the following 30 years he was mainly active as a writer of stories in various genres for the American market giant DC Comics .

For DC, Haney created series such as Metamorpho , B'wana Beast , Teen Titans and Doom Patrol . He has also worked on series such as The Brave and the Bold , Sergeant Rock , World's Finest Comics , Blackhawk , The unknown Soldier , Deadman and Eclipso . Artists with whom Haney worked particularly often included the draftsmen Neal Adams and Jim Aparo .

The prizes that Haney received for his work include a 1968 Alley Award for best story ("Track of the Hook" from The Brave and the Bold # 79).