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Writer Len Wein with a Fan Disguised as a Swamp Thing (2005)

Swamp Thing is a character from the US publisher DC Comics , who has its origins in horror comics from the 1970s (first appearance in US House of Secrets # 92 in July 1971). The character was created by the author Len Wein and the illustrator Bernie Wrightson .

Character biography

Swamp Thing was originally the biologist Alec Holland, who was researching a synthesis of animal and plant life in a secret government laboratory in the swamp. An explosion occurred during a robbery and he fell, burning, along with a large amount of his newly discovered elixir into the swamp. As a result, the spirit of Holland merged with the marsh plants: a human-like being emerged, but had the typical abilities of a plant ( photosynthesis , (tree) strength, regrowth of severed extremities ). Due to the friendly nature of Holland, Swamp Thing is also a generally positive figure. His main adversary is the scientist Anton Arcane, who takes the plant elixir and then - according to his dark soul - turns into an evil and ugly monster.

Despite its vegetable character, Swamp Thing has recurrent relationships with women, and Alan Moore's comics even describe some sort of physical union that is accomplished through the consumption of psychedelic fruits grown from Swamp Thing's body.

Swamp Thing is probably a kind of superhero , but it has its dark sides, probably due to the violent, brutal death of Alec Holland. Because of its vegetable nature, Swamp Thing is sensitive to pollution , which is a recurring theme in the stories. Another difference to the conventional superheroes is the fact that Swamp Thing does not have a civil cover identity .

Comic series

The character got her first own series in 1972, which was discontinued in 1976. In 1982 the second series The Saga of the Swamp Thing was started, in which u. a. Alan Moore worked. The first appearance of the detective and antihero John Constantine took place in US The Saga of the Swamp Thing # 37 (June 1985). The series was renamed Swamp Thing in 1985 and discontinued in 1996. The editions of the third (2000–2001) and fourth series (2004–2006) were published by the DC label Vertigo . The fifth series started in 2011 as part of The New 52 .


Based on this character, the 1982 B-movie Das Ding aus dem Swamp ( Swamp Thing ) by Wes Craven was created . More films, etc. a. the continuation of the Green Swamp Thing ( The Return of Swamp Thing , 1989) and the television series Swamp Thing (1990 to 1993) followed. Another series called Swamp Thing was released in 2019 .

The track Swamp Thing by the group The Grid (released 1994) is named after the cartoon character.

The New Zealand Blue Rock - band Swamp Thing (founded in 2010) named after the comic book character.


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