Household Words

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Household Words

description British weekly magazine
First edition 1850
attitude 1859
editor Charles Dickens
ISSN (print)

Household Words was a British weekly magazine published between 1850 and 1859 and edited by Charles Dickens .

The title of the magazine was derived from a Shakespeare quote from the 4th act, 3rd scene by Heinrich V : "Familiar in his mouth as household words" (German in the translation by Schlegel / Tieck : "Gelannt seine Mund wie Everyday words "). In 1859 there was a dispute between Dickens and the publishers, which is why Dickens parted with the magazine and founded a new, separate project All the Year Round .

Household Words took a reformist course and commented on most of the day's political issues. For example, the British government has been criticized for its incompetence in the Crimean War , and social reforms in health and education have been repeatedly called for.


Every issue of Household Words had a Saturday as the publication date - even though the issues always appeared on Wednesdays. The first edition came out on March 27, 1850, the last on May 28, 1859. The editorial office was at 16 Wellington Street North near Covent Garden . A notebook cost two pence. Each booklet usually contained between six and ten articles, which were set in double columns. One issue consisted of 24 pages.

Literature in Household Words

Household Words published a mix of essays, reportage and literary pieces. Several well-known novels appeared here in continuation, namely:

Other authors


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