Hugo Haase (hydrologist)

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Hugo Haase (born February 18, 1902 in Sundhausen ; † August 10, 1966 ) was a German hydrologist.


Haase studied pedagogy, philosophy and geography at the Georg-August University in Göttingen , where he obtained his doctorate in 1936 on the subject of "Hydrological conditions in the infiltration area of ​​the southern Harz foreland". Haase was the first to investigate the underground drainage of the Steina, Ichte, Uffe, Wieda and Zorge rivers, including the recurrence of water in karst springs, particularly the Salzaspring near Nordhausen. After completing his studies, he worked for the Harz waterworks , where he was most recently head of the Hydrological Institute in Osterode am Harz . Haase published numerous articles on the hydrology of the Harz region as well as on topics related to the Upper Harz water shelf .


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