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Hyde (born January 29, 1969 in Wakayama , Wakayama prefecture as Hideto Takarai ( 寶 井 秀 人 , Takarai Hideto )) is the singer of the well-known Japanese pop / rock group L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel and has also been a solo singer since October 2001. In 2001 he founded his own record label Haunted Records . In 2008 he also formed the rock band VAMPS together with KAZ, the guitarist of the Japanese band Oblivion Dust .



Hyde was born an only child on January 29, 1969 in Wakayama. He kept his real name a secret for a long time, but it was rumored that his name was Hideto Takarai. This was confirmed in his 2012 biography The Hyde .

He played guitar in the band Jerusalem's Rod until 1991, when he was approached by Tetsu, who was looking for a singer for L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel. After some hesitation, always of the opinion that the role of the singer was boring, he joined the band. L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel toured the clubs of Osaka with their new singer Hyde and quickly became known in their homeland.

In 1994 they were discovered by Sony Records and received a record deal. After a few teething problems and the drug scandal of drummer Sakura (with whom Hyde is still close friends) in 1997, the band made the breakthrough.

Hyde met model Megumi Ooishi on a Japanese television show in 1998. He married her on December 25, 2000 and became a father on November 11, 2003. Since Hyde keeps his private life a secret, it was not known for a long time whether his child was a boy or a girl. In the meantime, Ooishi has confirmed in an interview that it is a boy.

During L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel's two-year hiatus, Hyde worked on his solo career. In 2002 his first album Roentgen was released , which contained relatively calm and melodic songs. This was followed in 2003 by the album 666 , which was comparatively rock . Incidentally, the name of the album is not an allusion to Satan, but a play on words: the Japanese pronunciation of 666 is the same as that of rock-rock-rock , i.e. roku-roku-roku . In April 2006 his third album Faith was released, which unites religious and anti-war themes. This was published in Germany in autumn 2006. On June 12, 2008, he released their first single Love Addict with the band VAMPS .

Hyde made his film debut at the side of the singer Gackt in 2003 . In Moon Child he played the vampire Kei, who wants to put an end to his life until he meets the young Sho and stands by him. He also had a role as Adam in the 2004 film Kagen no Tsuki , which is based on the manga In the Last Quarter of the Moon by Ai Yazawa .

Discography (as a solo artist)

For the albums and singles that Hyde has released with L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel, see → here .


  • Roentgen (2002)
  • Roentgen (English version, 2002)
  • 666 (2003)
  • Roentgen.ENGLISH (English version in Japan, 2004)
  • 666 (European press, 2005)
  • FAITH (2006)
  • FAITH (European press , 2006)
  • HYDE (2009)
  • Best Of (European press from HYDE , 2009)
  • Anti (2019)


  • Evergreen (2001)
  • Angel's Tale (2001)
  • Shallow Sleep (2002)
  • Hello (2003)
  • Horizon (2003)
  • Countdown (2005)
  • Season's Call (theme song for the anime Blood + , 2006)
  • Who's Gonna Save Us (2018)
  • After Light (2018)
  • Red Swan (2018)
  • Fake Divine (2018)
  • Zipang (2019)
  • Mad Qualia (2019)


  • Moon Child (2003)
  • Kagen no Tsuki - Last Quarter (2004)

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