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Gackt at the Tokyo International Film Festival 2015

GACKT (born July 4, 1973 in Okinawa , Japan ), also Gackt Oshiro (大城 ガ ク ト  Ōshiro Gakuto ), is a Japanese musician and actor . He uses various stage names , for example Camui MS Gackt , but his maiden name is unknown.

He began his career as a singer with the Japanese music group Cains: Feel and then became known with the band Malice Mizer . Since then he has pursued his solo career. In 2007 he decided to join the band Skin , initiated by Yoshiki , as a singer . GACKT has released 14 albums and 39 singles through 2011 and has held the record for most top 10 singles by a male solo artist in Japan since July 18, 2011, although only one of his singles, Returner ~ Yami no Shūen ~ , is ever the first Place on the Oricon charts. He was the first Japanese musician to release his music on iTunes in 2007 .


GACKT long claimed to be born on July 4, 1540 in order to maintain a biography worthy of a member of Malice Mizer . In doing so, he follows the tradition of visual kei , a style to which the band belonged. His real birthday became known when he was surprised by his band on the “Jougen no Tsuki” live tour in 2003 in the middle of a concert on the occasion of his 30th birthday. His real name is not known.

He claims he can play trumpet , tuba , horn , trombone , piano , guitar , drums and bass , as well as all other standard orchestral instruments and most traditional Japanese instruments. You can convince yourself of his skills on the guitar and the piano during his performances.

GACKT speaks Japanese , Mandarin and , according to his own statements, also speaks French and English . He is currently learning Korean , Cantonese and German .


In his autobiography "Jihaku" and various interviews, GACKT said he was born in Okinawa . His parents, both musicians, were unusually strict and decisive. For example, his television program was limited to national or educational programs. At the age of seven, he almost drowned in the Okinawa Sea. After he was rescued, he had hallucinations , believed to see dead people taking possession of his body from time to time. For this reason, he had received two short-term psychotherapeutic treatment during his youth .

Initially, his interest in music was not particularly great, because his parents encouraged him to play the piano at the age of three and laid down strict rules for it. So he always had to sit in front of the piano for two hours, even when he wasn't playing. GACKT's preference initially turned to wind instruments when he saw his father play the trumpet . Due to the soft consistency of his teeth, however, he had to abandon wind instruments. Nevertheless, GACKT liked classical music, he claimed in an interview that Frédéric Chopin conveyed his love for music to him. At the age of 17 there was a turning point in his life when his mother said she regretted forcing him to play the piano. Then he would have turned to rock and roll . This change moved him to learn band instruments. He especially liked Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven back then.


Cains: Feel

GACKT started out as a drum technician for a recording studio and as a drummer for a school music group. When the singer left the group and the members were looking for a replacement, GACKT was asked by his best friend and musician colleague You to this day and persuaded to take over the position of singer.

Malice Mizer

GACKT's popularity began to surge when he joined the visual kei band Malice Mizer as the new vocalist in October 1995. His contribution to the band brought them into a new style and gave their music a slightly romantic character. During GACKT's time with the band, she was also best known and released the albums Voyage -sans retour- under the band's own label Midi: Nette and her first and only album with a record company ( Nippon Columbia ), Merveilles .

GACKT left the band in 1999 after completing the Merveilles tour. GACKT wrote in his autobiography that he had been asked by Malice Mizer to leave the band due to personal, artistic and financial differences, even if he would have preferred to remain a member.

Solo career

Leaving the band Malice Mizer finally heralded the solo career of GACKT, the exact date is January 1st, 1999. He started with a small group called GacktJOB . Gackts live shows often include homoerotic acting with members of this group.

In addition to music, GACKT has been featured in many TV commercials and released various formats of fan videos, such as Hero's Hero . He also wrote the book Moonchild: Requiem . He worked as the catwalk model of his favorite designer Yoshiyuki Konishi , designed his own stage wear and clothing line and opened his private restaurant, Tamaly Bar , which is only open to friends and members of the Dears fan club.

Gackt was also involved in the PlayStation 2 game Bujingai for which he dubbed and motion detection ( motion capture ) made for the protagonist of the game. Gackt also made other synchronizations for the character 'Seiji' from the anime Shin Hokuto no Ken . He also wrote the ending theme ( Tsuki no Uta ) for the anime Texhnolyze and the theme song ( Metamorphoze ) for the anime Z-Gundam, as well as the ending theme (“Redemption”) and the song “Longing” for the game Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus in which he also has a role. He plays / embodies the mysterious character Genesis, called "G". GACKT is also increasingly active as a voice actor and, in addition to the theme song, also contributes his voice to the game "Dragon Nest".

In the spring of 2010, GACKT changed management and the company by transferring to the AVEX Group. It is believed that this step will be useful in expanding his international career.

On June 1st, 2010 it was announced that GACKT will start its first club tour through Europe in July of the same year. As reported by the organizer, the tickets for the tour were sold out in many places after 30 minutes and there were significant server problems.

GACKT will also be featured in the program “Message!” Together with the South Korean actor Bae Yong Joon . To Asia ”. This is in connection with a program for child aid in Cambodia and the Philippines.


GACKTJOB is the name of the musicians and dancers who play the instruments for GACKT and do his choreographies, so GACKT's band, so to speak.

Current Members:

  • YOU "YOU Kurosaki" (violin, rhythm guitar)
  • Yukihiro " chachamaru " Fujimura (lead guitar, effects)
  • CHIROLYN "Hiroshi Watanbe" (bass)
  • Jun-ji "Junji Sakuma" (drums)
  • KAZUYA "Kazuya Yoishino" (dancer / choreographer)
  • TAYA "Taya Kodo" (dancer / choreographer)
  • TAKA (dancer / choreographer)
  • Egashira Koji "Koji -EGA-" (dancer / choreographer)

Former members:

  • Igao (keyboard)
  • Ren "Ren Aoba" (bass) Currently in the band LinClover
  • Masa "Masa Shinozaki" (rhythm guitar) Currently in the band DizzyDrive
  • Toshiyuki Sugino (drums) Currently in the bands Spiky and Koji Ueno Ensemble
  • Yosh (choreographer, dancer)
  • Ryu "Ryuichi Nishida" (drums)
  • Ju-ken (Bass) Currently as a support bassist at VAMPS

Support members:

  • Minami (drums)
  • Nell (bass)


Main article: Skin

In 2006 the drummer of the band X Japan , Yoshiki, announced that he wanted to form a band with Gackt, Suzigo & Miyavi. Just a year later, this rumor proved true. The band made their debut on June 29, 2007 at the Anime Expo in Long Beach , California .


With this band Gackt performed for the first time in Europe in 2010 as part of his GACKT Europe Tour 2010 ATTACK OF THE YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz Tour. In this band the American Jon Underdown, who lives in Japan, takes on the vocals alongside Gackt. Gackt also support the guitarists Chachamaru and You (also GacktJOB), guitarist Takumi, bassist U: zo (also on Inoran and other projects) and drummer Shinya ( Luna Sea ). In 2011 they returned to Germany and released the two singles The end of the day and All my love You are the reason .

Movie and TV

Gackt played the lead role with Hyde in the Japanese film Moon Child (2003). The film is set in the near future in the fictional city of Maleppa, which is overpopulated by immigrants and marked by high crime rates. There the young Shō (played by Gackt as an adult) tries to get by with his brother Shinji and his friend Toshi when one day he meets the vampire Kei (played by Hyde), who wants nothing more than to finally die.

In the television drama Fuurin Kazan , which has been broadcast on NHK since January 7, 2007 , Gackt plays the role of Uesugi Kenshin . In 2010 he also took part again in the “85th Kenshin Festival”, where he can be seen a third time due to his leading role in the NHK dorama and the great demand.

Gackt also starred in the 2010 film Bunraku alongside Ron Perlman , Josh Hartnett and Woody Harrelson . The shooting took place from April to June 2008 in Romania .

In television series he appeared in 2009 in Mr Brain as a psychopathic killer, in 2011 in Tempest as a power-hungry eunuch and in 2012 as general Oda Nobunaga in the video game adaptation Sengoku Basara . As a scientist, he had an important supporting role in Akumu-chan in 2012.

  • 2002: Heroe's Hero
  • 2003: Moon Child
  • 2007: Fuurin Kazan
  • 2009: Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai shocker
  • 2009: Mr. Brain (Episode 2)
  • 2010: Bunraku
  • 2011: Tempest (Episodes 3-5)
  • 2012: Sengoku Basara : Moonlight Party
  • 2012: Akumu-chan


Gackt is always a carrier for various brands and appears regularly in commercials, e.g. for Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty by Konami. In 2010 he took on the role of an office worker in a commercial for WONDA coffee.


In certain cases, the Japanese titles come first, followed by the romanization in corner brackets.



  • Mizérable (July 9th)
  • Vanilla (August 11th)


  • Mirror (February 9)
  • OASIS (February 16)
  • 鶺 鴒 〜seki-ray[Rankai-seki-ray-] (March 8)
  • 再 会 〜Story[Saikai-Story-] (August 30)
  • Secret Garden (November 16)


  • 君 の た め に で き る こ と[Kimi no tameni dekiru koto] (March 14th)
  • ANOTHER WORLD (September 5th)
  • 12月 のLove song [Juunigatsu no Love Song] (December 16)


  • Vanilla (March 20th) - Re-release
  • 忘 れ な い か ら[Wasurenai kara] (April 24th)
  • 12月 のLove song (November 27th) - new release


  • 君 が 追 い か け た 夢[Kimi ga oikaketa yume] (March 19)
  • 月 の 詩[TSUKI no UTA] (June 11)
  • Lu: na / OASIS (June 25)
  • Last Song (November 12th)
  • 12月 のLove song (December 3rd) - new release


  • 君 に 逢 い た く て[Kimi ni ai takute] (October 27)
  • 12月 のLove song (December 14th) - new release


  • あ り っ た け の 愛 で[arittake no ai de] (January 26)
  • BLACK STONE (April 27)
  • Metamorphoze (May 25)
  • Todokanai Ai to Shitteita noni Osaekirezuni Aishitsudzuketa ... (August 8th)


  • Redemption (January 25th)
  • Love Letter (March 1st)


  • No ni Saku Hana no You ni (February 7th)
  • Returner - Yami no Shuuen (June 20)


  • Jesus (December 3rd)


  • GHOST (January 28)
  • Journey through the Decade (March 25)
  • Koakuma Heaven (June 10)
  • Faraway ~ Hoshi ni negai wo ~ (June 17th)
  • Lost Angels (June 24th)
  • Flower (July 1st)
  • The Next Decade (August 11th)
  • Setsugekka -The end of silence- (December 8th)


  • Stay the ride alive (January 1st)
  • Ever (July 28)


  • Episode 0 (July 13th)
  • graffiti


  • Until The Last Day
  • Hakuro
  • WHITE LOVERS ~ Shiawase na Toki ~




  • Arrow


  • Mizérable (5/12/1999)
  • Remix of Gackt (11/3/1999)
  • MARS (4/26/2000)
  • Rebirth (4/25/2001)
  • MOON (6/19/2002)
  • Crescent (12/3/2003)
  • Love Letter (2/14/2005)
  • Love Letter - For Korean Dears (6/15/2004)
  • Contract Wedding 'Original Soundtrack' (8/10/2005)
  • DIABOLOS (9/21/2005)
  • Juunigatsu no Love Song “Complete Box” (12/13/2006)
  • “0079-0088” (12/19/2007)
  • Re: Born (02/12/2009)
  • ARE YOU 'FRIED CHICKENz' ?? (2010/06/23)
  • Last Moon (04/2016)


  • Mizérable Single Box (6/30/1999)
  • Video Vanilla (12/8/1999)
  • Video Mirror.OASIS (6/18/2000)
  • MARS空 か ら の 訪問者 〜 回想 〜[MARS Sora Kara No Homounsha-Kaisou-] (10/4/2000)
  • MARS空 か ら の 訪問者 〜 回想 〜(Lawson Special Backstage Report) (11/27/2000)
  • PLATINUM BOX “I” (12/16/2000)
  • 再生 と 終 焉[Saisei to Shuen] (6/21/2001)
    • contains the videos / makings-of for Secret Garden and 君 の た め に で き る こ と
  • Requiem et Réminiscence〜 終 焉 と 静寂 〜[Requiem et Réminiscence-Shuen to Seijaku-] (9/28/2001)
  • Requiem et Réminiscence〜 終 焉 と 静寂 〜(Lawson Special Backstage Report) (10/24/2001)
  • seven (2001)
  • 微風[Soyokaze] (3/1/2002)
    • contains the videos / makings-of for ANOTHER WORLD and 12月 のLove song , including short film Life
  • 心 海 2002.6.6〜7.10 LIVE TOUR DOCUMENTS [Shinkai] (11/27/2002)
  • Gackt Live Tour 2002下弦 の ⽉ 〜 聖 夜 の 調 〜[Kagen no Tsuki -Seiya no Shirabe-] (3/19/2003)
  • ⽉ 光[Gekkou] (8/6/2003)
    • contains the videos / makings-of for 君 が 追 い か け た 夢 and ⽉ の 詩
  • Gackt Live Tour 2003上弦 の ⽉ 〜 最終 章 〜[Jogen no Tsuki -Saishusho-] (9/18/2003)
  • Gackt Live Tour 2004 THE SIXTH DAY & SEVENTH NIGHT “FINAL” (9/15/2004)


  • MARS空 か ら の 訪問者 〜 回想 〜 特別 編[MARS Sora Kara No Homounsha-Kaisou- Tokubetsuhe] (11/20/2000)
  • Requiem et Réminiscence〜 終 焉 と 静寂 〜 特別 編[Requiem et Réminiscence-Shuen to Seijaku- Tokubetsühlen] (11/30/2001)
  • PLATINUM BOX “II” (12/21/2001)
    • contains the videos for Mizérable , Vanilla , Mirror , OASIS , 鶺 鴒 “ seki-ray ”, 再 会 “ Story ”, Secret Garden , and 君 の た め に で き る こ と plus a special VHS interview, Recollections
  • PLATINUM BOX “III” (12/21/2002)
  • Gackt Live Tour 2002下弦 の ⽉ 〜 聖 夜 の 調 〜[Kagen no Tsuki -Seiya no Shirabe-] (3/19/2003)
  • ⽉ 光[Gekkou] (8/6/2003)
    • contains the videos / makings-of for 君 が 追 い か け た 夢 and ⽉ の 詩,
  • Gackt Live Tour 2003上弦 の ⽉ 〜 最終 章 〜[Jogen no Tsuki -Saishusho-] (9/18/2003)
  • PLATINUM BOX “V” (12/16/2003)
  • Gackt Live Tour 2004 THE SIXTH DAY & SEVENTH NIGHT “FINAL” (9/15/2004)
  • PLATINUM BOX “V” (12/14/2004)
  • PLATINUM BOX “VI” (12/07/2005)
  • Gackt Live Tour 2005 DIABOLOS〜 哀婉 の 詩 と 聖 夜 の 涙 〜[DIABOLOS -Aien no shi to seiya no namida-] (3/29/2006)
  • Gackt THE GREATEST FILMOGRAPHY 1999–2006 “RED” (08/23/2006) (PV's)
  • Gackt THE GREATEST FILMOGRAPHY 1999-2006 “BLUE” (08/23/2006) (PV's)
  • PLATINUM BOX "VII" ["Let's Do it together!" “Shall we 'カ ウ ボ ー イ' ??”] (12/13/2006)
  • GACKT TRAINING DAYS 2006 DRUG PARTY (08/08/2007)
  • nine * nine (10/29/2008)
  • Jesus (12/03/2008)
  • PLATINUM BOX “IX” (01/14/2009)
  • Visualive Arena Tour 2009 Requiem Et Reminiscence II Final Chinkon To Saisei (03/31/2010)

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