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Hydrofluoride is a collective term for the organic chemical substance class of the salts that hydrogen fluoride HF forms with basic organic compounds. Hydrofluorides are formed, for example, from amines , basic amino acids , amino acid esters and alkaloids .

The reaction of organic diamines with excess hydrogen fluoride results in dihydrofluorides .


The amine hydrofluoride most frequently used in high-quality toothpaste is N- octadecyltrimethylenediamine- N , N , N -tris (2-ethanol) dihydrofluoride ( Olaflur ). Medicines for caries prophylaxis also contain the amine hydrofluoride with the systematic name 9-octadecenylamine hydrofluoride ( Dectaflur ). Medicinal substances with basic functional groups are therefore used as hydrofluorides.


Amine hydrofluorides are colloquially incorrectly called amine fluorides .

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