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Hypersurface of three-dimensional space

In mathematics , geometric objects of code dimension  1 are called hypersurfaces .

The eponymous special cases are all curved or flat surfaces in three-dimensional space and hyperplanes , i.e. -dimensional planes in a -dimensional affine space . Also curves in a plane are formally hypersurfaces.

Differential geometry

In differential geometry , a hypersurface is a submanifold of codimension 1.


  • The - sphere
  • If a differentiable function is on a manifold and not a critical point of , then a hypersurface is in .

Algebraic Geometry

In algebraic geometry , a hypersurface is understood to be a sub-scheme of affine or projective space defined by a single (homogeneous) equation . Above a body, every closed sub- schema that has pure codimension 1 and has no embedded components - i.e. every effective divisor - has this form.


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