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Gabriele von Lutzau

Gabriele von Lutzau , b. Gabriele Dillmann , (born August 15, 1954 in Wolfsburg ) is a German artist and sculptor.


Gabriele Dillmann initially worked as a stewardess at Lufthansa . In 1977 she was on board the Landshut, kidnapped by a Palestinian terrorist squad . Since she was an important support for the passengers during the hostage drama, she was hailed as the angel of Mogadishu by the tabloid press afterwards . After the liberation by the GSG 9 , she was honored on October 20, 1977 with the Federal Cross of Merit on ribbon. She later married her partner Rüdeger von Lutzau, a Lufthansa pilot.

The kidnapping has been filmed twice: On the one hand in the documentary film Death Game (1997, director: Heinrich Breloer ), in which Dillmann is played by Susanne Schäfer , and in the feature film Mogadishu (2008) directed by Roland Suso Richter , in which she played by Nadja Uhl .


Gabriele von Lutzau studied between 1984 and 1995 with Walther Piesch at the University of Strasbourg and at the Strasbourg School of Art. She has presented her work at home and abroad.

The main focus of her artistic work are wooden guardian figures . She makes her representations and objects from beech wood , but also from robinia . For the signs of life and guardians , she uses thuja trees, "trees of life", as they are often planted over graves. They have names like

  • Signs of life
  • Elements - elementary particles and pieces of wing fillet
  • Heart Timeless - Is There a Heart Without Injuries?
  • Icarus Project - Exuberance and Downfall
  • Guardian - the androgynous guardian being

After September 11, 2001 , she only blackened her guardian figures, which had been blue until then.

She is involved in the Federal Association of Visual Artists (BBK) in Frankfurt am Main. Von Lutzau lives with her family in Michelstadt in the Odenwald .


“I have a life path and there are stones and difficulties along the way. I have to face the difficulties and have to fulfill the set tasks and that is the essential meaning of my life. My signs of life are about survival, about a new life, maybe also about a life beyond. Rebirth one way or another. It's not about death as something final. "

- Gabriele von Lutzau

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