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Ibores cheese

Ibores or Queso Ibores is a Spanish goat cheese . It comes from the autonomous region of Extremadura and is named after its region of origin, the Comarca de los Villuercas-Ibores . Its production is protected by the designation of origin ( DO ) "Queso Ibores".

Goats of the Serrana , Verata and Retinta breeds are used to make cheese . The approximately 27,000 goats graze in the mountains of Guadalupe, Villuercas and Altamira and in the dehesas of the region.

The Ibores cheese has a mild to spicy taste. A wheel of cheese usually weighs between 650 and 1,200 g.

Places where Ibores cheese is made are:

  • Bohornal de Ibor
  • Castañar de Ibor
  • Deleitosa
  • Guadalupe
  • Navalvillar de Ibor
  • Trujillo

The production of Ibores cheese has been protected as "Queso Ibores" by the AOP Designation of Origin since 1997 , but it can be traced back to 1465 , when the King of Castile Henry IV granted Trujillo market rights .

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