Goat cheese

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Cabri gatineau , goat cream cheese with ash and noble mold from France

Goat cheese ( Geisskäse or Geisschäs in Switzerland ) is cheese made from goat's milk .

As with cow's milk cheese , there is a wide range of different types. Not every variety is made from 100% goat's milk; cow or sheep milk is often mixed in. In Germany, a cheese declared as goat cheese must consist of 100% goat milk (Section 14.8 Cheese Ordinance).

Altenburger goat cheese is a local specialty . U. It is registered in the EU under this name as a protected designation of origin and may be awarded the corresponding seal.

The varieties range from cream cheese to soft and mold cheese to hard cheese . The aroma ranges from mild and creamy to strong and aromatic.

The ingredients of the cheese are largely identical to those of the cheese made from cow's milk. However, the proportion of fat and casein is slightly lower. Some people with milk protein intolerance can tolerate this cheese.

Goat cheese

Cabri gatineau , 45% FiTr.

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